Managing projects during the day, a family guy in evenings, and a blogger at weekends.

My path was always a combination of two pillars: management and technology.

In the last 10 years, I’m leading big-scale IT projects technically; a perfect combination of both worlds.

The passion for technology began when I started developing web-based applications (ASP, ASP.NET), continued diving into backend development (C#, .NET), and evolved with client-server technologies (WPF, WCF).

My journey progressed as I obtained an AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification (read more about it here).

About this blog

I published my first technical blog in May 2018.

Back then, my career was on cruise control while I was leading an IT project, I was in a complacent period, and everything was under control. Nevertheless, I felt something was missing; I was doing more of the same. I lacked the enthusiasm I had had until a few months back.

I have never felt such fatigue before; it was totally unfamiliar. Instead of dwelling on this unsatisfying situation, I stopped to think of what can help me fill in the void. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, but I figured out the general direction: a new technology realm.

It perfectly fit my role as a technical manager. The amplitude of topics I was handling ranged from business aspects to designing technical solutions, so I decided to find the spark in the technical domains.

Throughout my career, I’ve been learning new technologies and experienced them; however, this time, I decided to challenge myself and share my experience publicly.

That was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone, and that’s how the first blog-post emerged.

And that was the beginning 🙂