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Feeling Like You’re Surrounded by Idiots? Unravel The Type Behind People

Thoughts after reading “Surrounded by Idiots”, by Thomas Erikson This book’s provocative title caught my attention, so I decided to check it on Audible. After listening to it, I can declare it is enlightening and thought-provoking, especially during these times. The content revolves around classifying people’s characters into four types; a different colour identifies each. This […]

The Benefit of the Blurred Line Between Work and Home

We’re working from home more than ever, exposing the immediate family to our professional world.
Although it can be a burden, it is a chance to permeate leadership values by demonstrating them to our children.

Gamify Your Negotiation

Gamification concepts are ubiquitous; they increase traction and motivation, teaching us that challenges are fun.
Can these concepts be applied in business interactions too?

Scrum Under Pressure

Scrum is a great development methodology. Sharing my experience using Scrum under tight schedule and other circumstances.

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