The urge to publish has awakened a few years back. I was requested to write an article about managing a team in Scrum methodology. Once I finished, I thought it should be shared not only with one person. After more than 30 blog-posts all over, I decided it’s time to curate them in one place.

Since then, I share content from my professional world, which revolves around management and productivity, technical topics (AWS, C#, and more), and other thoughts when the muse comes 🤔.

Where do I get ideas and inspiration from?
Whenever I encounter a topic, dilemma, or problem I want to delve in, it’s a good start.

The most recent blog-post:

Overview of C# Async Programming

Are you using Tasks library ubiquitous? This article reviews the various threads and thread pools solutions in the .NET framework

Latest from the Blog

Home-Life Balance

How I learned to value the important things in life, while struggling to balance between working from home and home-schooling.


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