It all began when someone asked me to write an article about managing teams in Scrum methodology. Once the article was ready, it felt like a waste to share it only with one person. That’s when the urge to publish has awakened. So, after more than 30 blog-posts all over, I decided it’s time to curate them in one place.

My content is based on my professional world, which revolves around management and productivity, technical topics (AWS, C#, and more), and other thoughts when the muse comes 🤔.

Where do I get ideas and inspiration from?
Whenever there’s a topic, dilemma, or problem I want to delve in, it’s a good start.

Recent Articles:

Setting Apache Nifi on Docker Containers

Apache Nifi comes to mind if you are looking for a simple, but robust, tool to process data from various sources. You want to experiment it but don’t know where to start? This guide is for you.

Gamify Your Negotiation

Gamification concepts are ubiquitous; they increase traction and motivation, teaching us that challenges are fun.
Can these concepts be applied in business interactions too?

Latest from the Blog

Feeling like You’re Surrounded by Idiots? Unravel The Type Behind The People

Thoughts after reading “Surrounded by Idiots”, by Thomas Erikson This book’s provocative title caught my attention, so I decided to check it on Audible. After listening to it, I can declare it is enlightening and thought-provoking, especially in these times. The content revolves around classifying people’s characters into four types, each is identified by a different […]

Home-Life Balance

How I learned to value the important things in life, while struggling to balance between working from home and home-schooling.


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